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New real-time feedback and meeting tags

New real-time feedback

New real-time or in-meeting feedback window now provides a metrics view where you can glance over your current energy levels, speaking pace, filler words and speaking share any time during a meeting.  You can also click into each of these to see how each of these aspects have varied during the course of this meeting. 





If you prefer, you can also switch to a text-based view which continuously surfaces timely recommendations as text prompts during the meeting. 


You can now easily stop a recording of the current meeting by clicking the stop button at top of this window. After a recording is stopped, the window also allows you to easily start another session or view the performance from the concluded meeting. 


Meeting tags

Meetings on Poise can now have tags that help you get insight into your speaking performance across different types of meetings.

Poise automatically tags your one on one meetings, presentations or those with any external stakeholders outside your company. You can also manually tag meetings with any custom tags to classify  specific types of meetings you want to view insights on or exclude from your data. 


You can then filter your performance for specific meeting tags or compare different meeting tags on the statistics page. Knowing if specific issues like filler words are happening more in certain types of meetings can help you understand their root cause and be more aware in those meetings in the future. You can also use this to exclude certain types of meetings like casual 1:1s  where you may not care about your speaking performance. 


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