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Poised Goal Tracking and Achievements

Goal Tracking

Poised now offers goal tracking so you can incrementally improve toward your speaking goals whether that is to speak with more energy or increase your clarity. Focus on one goal at a time to get better. Poised can automatically suggest new goals for you to complete based on your existing performance or you can choose your own adventure.


Learn from top communication professionals such as Matt Abrahams at Stanford Graduate School of Business who demonstrate techniques to become a more polished and effective communicator.


Get instant feedback on your performance after a meeting in both the in-meeting dialog and the dashboard.



Complete enough goals and you'll be getting achievements in no time at all! Who is the best Filler Killer?


Poised for a New Name

We're excited to announce Poise is now Poised and have acquired poised.com. Stay tuned for more updates on our rebranding efforts.

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